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Fellowship that touches souls…

Community Outreach is the festive arm of the Community Ministries coalition. Reaching out into the community in many different ways, our most notable festivities are the Annual Thanksgiving Street Banquet and the Christmas Street Banquet.

Each of these banquets provide meals to the homeless, poor and needy, but more importantly, allows the community to fellowship together to meet each others needs.

The Mission typically serves between 1,500 to 2,500 traditional holiday meals at each banquet. Music and testimonies present the Gospel Message while guests enjoy their hot meals.

Food… Fellowship… Gifts… And more…

Additional outreaches such as, football bowl game parties, 4th of July celebrations, etc. are provided throughout the year for the homeless men, women and children who are guests in our facilities.

Raising Awareness

If you would like to help and get others involved throughout the year here are some other opportunities available:

Shoe, Food & Shelter Necessities Drives

This is an opportunity for youth and community groups or just a group of friends collect needed items. All items that are donated are given freely to those in need. For more information on how you can start your own drive or what is needed, please contact Suzanne at (520) 740-1501 x7032. During the month of July you can get involved with our Christmas in July Drive!

My Night in a Box


Students can get in touch with the reality of homelessness in their community and make a difference at the same time!
My Night in a Box is an interactive overnight experience where a student and friends can touch the reality by spending one full night away from life’s luxuries, and minister to the need by recruiting ten sponsors each who will give to the cause locally.

This event achieves these outcomes:

  • Students learn about the issues of poverty and homelessness through interactive learning experiences, targeted teaching, small group discussions, and theme oriented games.
  • Students help address the issues of poverty and homelessness by participating in a simple Sponsor My Night in a Box Fundraiser.
  • Students collect clothes for GRM
  • Students get the chance to maximize and transform the traditional “event model” of youth ministry by implementing this transformational night of worship.

If you would like to participate in this event, you will receive a full curriculum that includes small & large group activities & lessons, ideas for breakfast in keeping with the context of the event and wrap-up options and ideas. There are also variations built-in for small and large churches.
For more information, contact Suzanne (520) 740-1501 x7032