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A Volunteer Board of Directors governs the Gospel Rescue Mission.Comprised of Christian men and women who clearly demonstrate their personal relationship with the Lord in every day living.

The board is responsible for:

  • Policy Setting
  • Fiscal Management
  • Spiritual Direction
  • General Oversight.

The board meets monthly, with committees meetings scheduled between the monthly meetings.

Gospel Rescue Mission, Executive Directors

  • Roy E. Tullgren III – Executive Director – Pastor
  • Danny Hansen – Associate Executive Director

Board of Directors for 2015


Jeannie Cormier : Treasurer

Jeannie Cormier


Irene Gonzales : Board President

Irene Gonzales

Board President

Elected to Board Sept. 2009
Elected President Mar 2012

Irene Gonzales Bio

Irene was born in Fabens Texas but has lived in Tucson Arizona since she was 8.  She attended school in the Sunnyside School District and attended the University of Arizona and now holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Irene has been an employee of Tucson Electric Power for 33 years, most currently as Manager of the Business Services Area.  She worked her way through the ranks, beginning as an office clerk in 1980.

She married Jimmy Gonzales in 1993 and together they have 4 kids; 3 daughters and a son and now boast 8 grandchildren.  Both were ministered by their mothers and were baptized in 1993 while attending Casas Adobes Baptist church.  They enjoy spending time with their family and entertaining in their home.

As a member of New Life Church, Irene serves on the Greeting & Ushering leadership team.  She said, “When I became a member of New Life, my husband and I were looking for volunteer opportunities and saw a request for volunteers at Gospel Rescue Mission in the church bulletin.  We made arrangements for a tour and I knew this was where God wanted me to be.”

“My heart has always been to help the hungry, the needy, and the homeless.  I’ve volunteered with the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen; on the Board of the Brewster Center; assembled furniture for GAP Ministries; Gospel Rescue Mission’s Adopt-A-Room and currently serve as President of their Board of Directors.”

Irene added, “It is such a privilege to serve with Godly servants and constantly witness His work at the Mission.  Over and over again we have witnessed God’s faithfulness and reassurances that He is always in control and continues to sit on the throne”.

Jan Prideaux : Vice President

Jan Prideaux

Vice President

Elected to Board Mar 2011
Elected VP – Treasurer Mar 2012

Bart Schannep : Secretary

Bart Schannep


Elected to Board Oct. 2003

Bart Schannep Bio

Although not native, Bart grew up in Tucson.  His wife of 31 years, Marcella, and he raised their three children in Tucson.  Now they have three grandchildren, own a small local investment advisory firm (Southwest Investment Advisors), and they love to travel.

Bart came to know Christ as a young adult. Bart stated, “I think an advantage of coming to Christ as an adult is that what I know and believe is truly mine, not and inherited belief system from parents or family.”   He attends LifePoint Church in Catalina, AZ and serves on their Finance Committee –making the best uses of his talents and experience.

Bart was elected to the GRM Board in October 2003 and has served in several positions of Board leadership, including Board President. Bart has the honor of being the longest serving current Board member. Bart said, “God had told me that I was going to be asked to join a Board of some Christian organization.  I am not a real joiner, so I was against the idea.  I had prepared a little speech why I would not accept the position.  When Pastor Roy called me, NOT the person who I had expected, we went to lunch.  When he popped the question I gave him my little speech to decline.  He politely listened, and when I finished he stated that he did not care about what I had just said, and again asked if I wanted to join the Board. Once again I learn the lesson: When God wants you to do something you really don’t have a choice.”

He added, “I think my wife and I both strive to make the most of our skills and talents where possible to best serve God where we can.   God has me where he wants me.  I come away from our Board meetings and interaction with more than what I think I bring – it humbles me with the stories we hear – the good and the bad, and makes we truly grateful to the Staff that God has brought together to serve His least, last, and lost.”

Rev. Dr. Andrew G. Ross : Board Member

Rev. Dr. Andrew G. Ross

Board Member

Elected to Board Nov. 2006
Elected Secretary Mar 2011

Rev. Dr. Andrew G. Ross Bio

Andrew Ross is the Pastor/Head of staff for Northminster Presbyterian Church - he has ministered in the Tucson area and with this congregation for over 18 years.  Andy enjoys serving the community with joy and enthusiasm, which is why he enjoys the honor of being on the Board of the Gospel Rescue Mission.   Andy was elected to the GRM Board in November 2006 and serves as the Secretary of the GRM Board.

Andy is married and they have three grown children who have left the nest and three miniature dachshunds who are their “still in the nest” joys.   Andrew is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, with certificates and training from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Andy was raised in a Christian home and baptized as an infant and raised in the faith.  In his high school years, he began reading the bible for himself and the Holy Spirit grabbed him by the neck.  From that point, Andy become energized with God’s call to serve in ministry and share the gospel.

Andy stated, “The work of the Gospel Rescue Mission provides the transformation and healing that we most need.  As a pastor I believe it is critical that the Christian churches of Tucson support and work in partnership with Christ-centered missions of healing and hope — we are one in Christ — and Christ commissions us to bring cold water to the thirsty, shelter and clothing to the naked and poor, and the gospel of salvation to all! As I serve and work at the mission and on the Board — I get to see the smiling face of Jesus.”

Lacy Benson : Board Member

Lacy Benson

Board Member

Elected to Board Sept. 2009

Nasser Jahan :

Nasser Jahan

Elected to the board in March 2013

Nasser Jahan Bio

Nasser has lived in Tucson for about 6 years. His wife (Nicole) and he moved to Tucson from Turkey in 2007. In 2010, they helped plant a church in Catalina (North Tucson) called LifePoint Church. Nasser currently serves as the Community Pastor of LifePoint Church.  They have a beautiful daughter who is two years old and she keeps them running around like crazy.

Nasser was elected to the GRM Board in March 2013. He shared, “I was born and raised in Iran as a Muslim. My family moved to Turkey when I was twelve and in Turkey through miraculous events I found Jesus to be my Lord and Savior at the age of sixteen. After giving my life to Jesus, I got very much involved with our church and while there I met my wife, who was born and raised in Tucson. In Turkey, we assisted and served refugees. We helped refugees with food, clothing, teaching English, teaching refugee kids music, and one of the main things I did was translating sermons into Farsi language to be broadcast into Iran.

While we were serving oversees, my mother-in-law would volunteer once a week at the Mission. Upon arrival in Tucson, we had the opportunity to be a part of one of the holiday street banquets at the Mission. Then as LifePoint church began, we would help by making centerpieces for Thanksgiving. Later, I was asked by one of Gospel Rescue Mission’s board members, Bart Schannep who attends our church, to consider being a board member. After praying about it and talking with GRM Pastor Roy about all the lives that the Mission touches in the city, I wanted to be a part of God’s work.

One of the biggest things for me as a Christian is knowing that the name of Jesus is being declared and glorified. I have dedicated my life to serving my Lord and Savior and I take pleasure in seeing His work being done. By being involved with the Mission, I am constantly encouraged and blessed to see all the lives that are personally changed through God’s work at GRM.”

VJ Vonk :

VJ Vonk

Elected to the board in March 2013

VJ Vonk Bio

VJ moved to the Tucson area in the fall of 2010 after retiring from Biola University (Southern California) where she served as Assistant to the Director of Torrey Honors Institute, then Assistant to the Dean of Fine Arts and Communication.  VJ and her husband (Steve) have two grown sons, two daughters-in-law and three beautiful grandsons.

VJ was raised in a Christian home and understood from an early age not only God’s love but also the need for Him to be Lord in her life.  VJ and Steve have lived from coast to coast in their forty years together and had many opportunities to come alongside ministries and learn and grow from what God is doing.

VJ and Steve attend Grace Community Church in Oro Valley where they serve with the Preschoolers, greeting ministry and within small groups and studies.

VJ said, “My excitement of being a part of the Board is how we, as a group, are seeking God's face; being willing to step out on faith while striving to be good stewards of all He has provided thus far.”


  • A) Board officers may hold the same office for a maximum of three consecutive one-year terms.
  • B) A volunteer Board of Directors governs Gospel Rescue Mission. The board is comprised of Christian men and women who clearly demonstrate their personal relationship with the Lord in every day living.
  • C) The board is responsible for policy setting, fiscal management, spiritual direction and general oversight.  The board meets monthly with committees meetings scheduled between the monthly meetings.