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Mission Statement

To become the most effective life changing ministry in Tucson that serves the homeless and needy by providing for their spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wholeness through the power of Jesus Christ.

Employees of Gospel Rescue Mission Choose to Participate in our Grace Based Environment by:

  • Role modeling Christ-like attributes and values through our personal actions, words, and attitudes.
  • Maintaining a safe, transparent, and healing environment that is based on Grace, Truth, and Love, and encourages trust and authenticity without fear.
  • Embracing the accountability process, that leads to self-evaluation personally and for guests and students.
  • Teaching and mentoring students and guests in every opportunity by using Biblical precepts.
  • Building healthy, loving, and compassionate relationships with guests, students, and staff while establishing healthy and safe boundaries.
  • Maintaining a personal lifestyle of integrity, honesty, and responsibility.
  • Praying with guests, students, and staff.
  • Agreeing in principle and in practice with the statements of Vision, Mission and Values of the Gospel Rescue Mission of Tucson.

Women's Center

              707 W Miracle Mile
              Tucson, AZ 85705

On-Call Staff (click here for job description)

Qualifications: Minimum high school diploma or GED; good interpersonal skills; organized; able to follow instructions; evangelical Christian

Employment Status: On call; hourly non-exempt

Reports to:  Women’s Center Administrator

Salary Range:  $9.00 – $11.00 hour

 Client Supervision (95%)

      • Pray with, advise and direct the efforts of students and guests relating to spiritual, personal, and program needs
      • Establish and build healthy Christ honoring relationships with clients
      • Screen potential clients and assist with intake and documentation
      • Monitor the facility and clients during the evening hours or overnight (security, room and bed checks, phones, etc.)
      • Monitor and assist all clients (needs, behavior, etc.)
      • Store label and bag client medication and monitor the taking of medicine by clients
      • Assist with breathalyzer and UA’s as needed
      • Mentor students and conduct one on ones as needed or directed
      • Conduct client wake-up calls
      • Participate in the process of developing Christian disciples
      • Respond to any client or facility emergencies
      • Assist with medication process if needed
      • Report significant or important client or facility information
      • Participate in accountability process as directed
      • Serve as in charge person if needed
      • Assist with client exit interviews as needed
      • Oversee Chapel service if needed
      • Transport clients if needed
      • Assist with Children’s Chapel if needed
      • Attend client staffings, staff meetings, etc. as directed

Other (5%)

      • Help cover front desk duties (answer phones; greet visitors; receive donations; etc.)
      • Assist Facility Manager with inventory, reports, sorting & routing of mail/materials, etc.
      • Other duties as assigned

Men's Center

              312 W 28th Street
              Tucson, AZ 85713

On-Call Staff (click here for job description)

Qualifications: Minimum high school diploma or GED; Good interpersonal skills; Organized; Able to follow instructions; Evangelical Christian

Employment Status: On-Call/Temporary/Seasonal hourly non-exempt; No set amount of weekly hours

Salary Range: $9.00 – $11.00 hr

Responsibilities & Duties

Client Services (95%)

        • Pray with, advise and direct the efforts of students and guests relating to spiritual, personal and program needs
        • Participate in the process of developing Christian disciples
        • Lead clients into Grace Based accountability process
        • Establish and build healthy Christ honoring relationships with clients
        • Maintain a safe, secure and clean shelter environmen
        • Depending of Shift Covering for, you may or may not be expected to fulfill the following duties:
        • Respond to any emergency needs (client or facility) – medial, emotional, physical
        • Defuse serious or dangerous conflicts between clients
        • Cover front desk duties (answer phones, meet with walk-in clients, etc)
        • Assist the Shelter Supervisor in keeping an accurate and comprehensive case-management file on each Shelter guest and daily client census reports.
        • Supervise the operation of the emergency shelter program including but not limited to: maintaining appropriate records (clients and reports); manage shelter inventory (materials, equipment and supplies); oversee guest check-in procedures; overseeing the evening meal time and late meals; communicating with staff and guest.
        • Work as pastor, counseling and clean shelter environment
        • Serve as the person in-charge overnight
        • Wake guests and students up as needed
        • Execute evening room checks / Conduct client wake-up calls, security checks of all facilities, properties and equipment.
        • Wake morning cooks and oversee breakfast procedure
        • Report significant or important client or facility information to morning staff and/or write incident or significant information in the daily log.

Other (5%)

        • Housekeeping duties as needed or assigned
        • Complete reports and documentation as needed
        • Other duties as assigned

Submitting Resumes and Applications

Resumes and completed applications may be forwarded to:
Erin Jaurigue
Human Resources & Administrative Manager
Gospel Rescue Mission
Administrative Office
707 W Miracle Mile
Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 740-1501 x7003
Fax: (520) 622-8585

 Application Form:

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