“God, I give it all to you. Use me. I’m yours. I’m yours no matter where you send me or what you do.”

Two months after Chris prayed those words from a jail cell, he found himself standing in a courtroom. Imagine his relief when the judge sentenced him to probation. When asked where he wanted to go, Chris said, “Gospel Rescue Mission.” When the judge questioned his choice, Chris explained that a 30-day rehab wasn’t enough. “I don’t ever want to be here again.” He knew it wasn’t enough to get clean—he had tried that once before—Chris needed to change his life completely.

From a young age, Chris’ stepbrothers introduced him to the world of drugs. He remembers rolling joints for his older brothers when he was ten and began experimenting with acid and cocaine in high school. Yet, it was meth that finally destroyed his life.

About ten years ago, his wife (at the time) started taking Adderall, and Chris tried some as well. Only, when her script ran out, they switched to meth. The drug changed both of them and ruined their marriage. She ended up going to prison, and he sought help at a faith-based rehab in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He put his life back together, one piece at a time, but didn’t stop drinking. Chris was living in an apartment with their kids by the time his wife was released. She wanted to try again. To rebuild the life they once had. However, instead of working out their differences, they turned to alcohol, and things got even more complicated. In the wake of their broken marriage, they moved to Arizona, seeking to be closer to family. His ex-wife moved here first with their kids. He followed six months later. Yet, shortly after moving to Tucson, Chris returned to his drug habit. And he found himself homeless.

Chris was “flying a sign” in a median asking for money when he was arrested for warrants and taken to jail. This time God got a hold of his heart. With little hope of not going to prison, Chris fell to his knees and prayed, giving it over to God. He had been a believer since his early twenties, but he had been running from his calling. This time, it was different—he was determined to end the cycle of addiction in his life.

When Chris walked through our doors, God began working on his heart. Not only did he learn how to live clean and sober, but he is learning to walk in His ways.

After a year, Chris remains sober. He received an RSS certificate and has been attending Bible college. He desires to help others lost in their addictions, yet whatever he does next, he explains, “I’m just walking the steps directly in front of me… I will stay in His will, running into my calling instead of running from my calling.”