Can only Christians participate?

No. All are welcome to attend and volunteer. We want to share the love, grace, mercy, and truth of Jesus with all!

If I don’t have time to volunteer for Easter Blessings to Go, is there another way I can help

Yes! Please help us provide meals to the hungry and hurting by donating here

Is the Good Friday Breakfast a good place to bring my friend who is not a believer?

Absolutely! We want people to bring their friends and family who have not put their faith in Christ — that is the purpose of the Good Friday Breakfast. But we need to be clear that this event is about Jesus. Our speakers focus on how God has impacted their lives. We include an explanation of salvation and extend an offer to accept Jesus as Savior. This is an excellent event for a nonbeliever to attend, especially if they want to know more about Jesus.

I am not free for the breakfast, but would love to help serve meals. Can I volunteer only or do I need to attend both?

You can absolutely volunteer only! During Easter Blessings to Go we will serve thousands of meals and pray for hundreds of families. We are always in need of help! Click here to volunteer

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