Recovery Services Manager

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in counseling; Master’s Degree preferred, minimum of 2 years of experience in counseling, or related field; knowledge of local Substance Use Disorder and Mental health resources; interviewing and interpersonal relationships skills; organization and leadership skills; flexibility.  5 plus year of experience may count in place of degree.  Bilingual/Spanish a plus.  Must be evangelical Christian, living a life dedicated to Christ, and able to an instrument of God’s love, grace, hope and forgiveness to everyone.

Physical Demands: Physical effort may lead to physical fatigue. Caring for guest(s) can be physically demanding. This Individual will be lifting and carrying bags and equipment, and will spend time sitting at a desk or walking, lifting and pushing. This Individual will be expected to clean and maintain personal work equipment and personal work area, and will move throughout the community with guest(s). This Individual will be exposed to guest(s) who are ill and/or contagious, and must take precautions to ensure the health and safety of all children, parents, staff and themselves.

Mental Demands: The population we serve is typically in crisis.  This can cause emotional stress and compassion fatigue.  GRM highly promotes employee self-care.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Monitor all Genesis Groups
  • Teach classes and Provide Genesis groups and counseling as needed
  • Monitor or provide Crisis counseling as needed
  • Provide Conflict resolution as needed or assign a staff person to do so
  • Communicate with outside agencies regarding guest(s) progress as needed and appropriate
  • Develop and implement appropriate curriculum in collaboration with the Director of Programs
  • Chose and monitor appropriate Teachers
  • Teach classes when needed
  • Conduct Recovery groups and classes or provide for someone else to do so with supervision
  • Recruit, develop, supervise and support volunteers as appropriate
  • Assess all guest(s) seeking recovery services to determine if they are appropriate for services and to what level
  • Provide Crisis counseling as needed
  • Provide conflict resolution and mediation as needed for both guest(s) and staff
  • Assess any guest in mental health crisis for need to be sent to or assessed by outside sources
  • Assess guest(s) for referral to other mental health/recovery services
  • Supervise activities of all Men’s Center Recovery Services specifically counseling and case management staff providing direction and assignments/scheduling as needed
  • Monitor and evaluate Counselors and case managers performance
  • Participate in interviewing, hiring, training, evaluating, disciplining and recommending termination of direct reports as necessary in collaboration with the Director of Programs and HR Supervisor
  • Assist the Director of Programs and HR Supervisor to resolve any human resource situations
  • Help the Director of Programs, HR and other Executive Staff as necessary resolve all complaints of guest(s), staff and outside entities
  • Ensure that staff are following any required best practices such as guest confidentiality, case reporting and documentation, notification of any mandatory reporting, etc.
  • Manage your employees web based time and attendance records
  • Manage your employee web based time and attendance records
  • Interact with other agencies such as mental health, DCS, P/O’s, courts etc. providing reports on guest(s) as is appropriate, coordinate recovery and mental health services communicating internally to Case Managers
  • Obtain information from other agencies regarding what resources/services are available for MH and SUD
  • Supervise any other Men’s Center counseling staff
  • Coordinate services and activities with other services within the Men’s Center as well as with the Women’s Center.
  • Participate and report to guest(s) reviews
  • Enter and maintain electronic attendance and other records as is appropriate for each class and ensure that those you supervise do as well.
  • Write and/or approve correspondence for guest(s) such as court, probation, referral letters, letters of reference etc.
  • Through Community Celebrations recognize progress of guest(s)
  • Attend professional training and networking opportunities as directed
  • Attend staff meetings, guest(s) reviews, house meetings, community meetings or other meetings as directed.
  • Communicate regularly with staff, coworkers and colleagues at other agencies, reading and responding to emails.
  • Provide weekly reports as directed
  • Other duties as assigned

Gospel Rescue Mission is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit religious organization that provides social service programs to the homeless and working poor populations.  Everything we do in this ministry should be centered in the will of God and in honoring the name of Jesus Christ.

Employees of Gospel Rescue Mission Choose To Participate in our Grace Based Environment by:

  • Role modeling Christ-like attributes and values through our personal actions, words, and attitudes.
  • Maintaining a safe, transparent, and healing environment that is based on Grace, Truth, and Love, and encourages trust and authenticity without fear.
  • Embracing the accountability process, that leads to self-evaluation personally and for guests and students.
  • Teaching and mentoring students and guests in every opportunity by using Biblical precepts.
  • Building healthy, loving, and compassionate relationships with guests, students, and staff while establishing healthy and safe boundaries.
  • Maintaining a personal lifestyle of integrity, honesty, and responsibility.
  • Praying with guests, students, and staff.
  • Agreeing in principle and in practice with the statements of Vision, Mission and Values of the Gospel Rescue Mission of Tucson.

It is the policy of Gospel Rescue Mission to complete a background check, drug test and motor vehicle authorization on applicants in the conditional offer stage.