Learning To Adjust

When COVID-19 hit, schools were left flat-footed – how do you create an online learning environment in a matter of weeks? As the confusion spread from classroom to living room, even the children’s department at Gospel Rescue Mission felt the effects.

“When schools decided to suspend in-person learning, it was a challenge,” says Alyssa, who works in our children’s department. “We had never done that here before.”

Fortunately, the learning curve didn’t last long.

“We got in contact with the schools to work out what to expect when kids returned in the fall. Together, we were able to put the pieces together and smoothly transition to online learning. We have kids here from 1st grade all the way to 8th grade. To be able to do that seamlessly with so many different age groups was definitely a God thing!”

Our youngest guests adapted quickly to this new way of learning.

The schools provided laptops for the kids. Alyssa converted her office into an elementary school classroom and converted the multi-purpose room into a middle school classroom. The IT department established a special WiFi account, accessible during school hours, for the kids to use.

The help was a huge relief for Ariah, one of our recent graduates and proud mother of three.

“The most difficult thing I’ve had to take on here has been this online schooling,” admits Ariah. “I’m very thankful for GRM, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without their support!”

The extra help also allowed Ariah the space to move forward with recovery and with life.

“I’m able to go out and search for a job while having all three girls in online school thanks to Miss Melody and Miss Alyssa. I’m looking to do something in the recovery field to help me and help others as well.”