Ready to Pump it Up!

Nothing goes to waste here at Gospel Rescue Mission, so when a whole team of football muscle showed up to volunteer on Good Friday, we put that muscle to work!

The University of Arizona football team graciously helped us move all the heavy-duty workout equipment, donated by the Ritz-Carlton, into our brand-new Wellness Center located in our Courtyard Building. And they made it look easy!

The Wellness Center represents a leap forward in recovery for the men and women we serve. Many come to us in poor physical shape owing to years of addiction and malnourishment.

This space will be used to redeem what has been lost, to mirror the inner transformation on the outside, and to regain strength and wellbeing as they prepare to re-enter society.

Thank you for making this next step possible for our guests, and thank you, Wildcats, for providing the muscle to get it started!