TGTB 2023

Our biggest outreach of the year will be here soon. For more than three decades, our annual Thanksgiving outreach has been a beacon of hope in our community. Especially when the world is increasingly filled with uncertainties, it’s essential to extend our hands toward those in need, treating everyone like a member of our family—a guest at our table.

No one should go hungry, especially at Thanksgiving.

That is why this event is so important to us. It’s an opportunity to provide a free delicious Thanksgiving meal with all the traditional fixings. Still, our volunteers do so much more–welcoming our guests with love, grace, dignity, and respect. Serving with the kindest of smiles. And praying for every need.

We know that this event will profoundly impact the lives of our homeless neighbors, who have maybe lost not only their homes but also their friends and families. We want them to know that they are not alone for the holidays. And for those of our neighbors who might be on the brink of homelessness, we have valuable resources that will help.

Last year, we had the privilege of praying with hundreds of people, provided 356 resource boxes, served 2,458 meals (dine-in and to-go), gave away 202 Bibles and 254 pastoral care packages, provided 256 gallons of pet food, and welcomed seven people to the family of God.

This year will also run as a hybrid event (dine-in or drive-through). Given the unprecedented challenges we all face—economic hardships, rising costs of groceries—we’re gearing up for what could be our largest-ever event!

And your love and support make all this possible. We can’t do it without you. Your prayers and support are the backbone of this outreach. Blessings to Go are not just for those who receive but for each of us who volunteer and give. Together, we continue to make a difference.