Crystal’s Family

Your love kept an entire family from
being homeless this Christmas

Crystal’s mom did everything she could to keep her family together. She was a single mom with 5 kids, working hard to keep them fed and off the streets.

When Crystal grew up and became a mother herself, she swore she would do everything in her power to provide for her kids and keep them out of foster care. Because of Crystal’s big heart and desire to help her family, she began opening her home to her siblings when they needed a place to stay–but her generosity and desire to help everyone ended up getting her evicted.

Desperate, Crystal stayed with a friend for a few days. The apartment was small, so she chose to sleep in her car so her kids could sleep in the living room. She had never really been homeless, and being homeless with children is terrifying–she was worried about where they would sleep and how they would eat. But all of that was trumped by the one thing that kept her up at night…

“My biggest fear was my kids being taken away.”

She knew her situation was not good for her or her kids and her worry about losing them grew a little larger every day. 

A friend told Crystal to check out Gospel Rescue Mission. Though she had run out of options, she was concerned that going to a shelter would put her on the Department of Child Safety’s radar, and she would lose her babies. But as fearful as Crystal was about her kids being taken away, she was more concerned about them living on the streets, or going hungry. 


I’m honored to share with you the most wonderful news–your support of Gospel Rescue Mission enabled us to open our doors to Crystal and her 3 children. 

Here, Crystal found safety, compassion, support…and much more than she ever thought possible. 

“I couldn’t believe a place like this existed! My kids sleep comfortably every night. They eat every single day. I’m very, very grateful – thank you so much!” 

Crystal could not stop thanking us as she recounted her story–from the fear and anxiety she had over failing her children to now knowing they are safe, and they get to stay together.  

“I am grateful I get to have my babies with me. Thank God we are together and they are here and they are happy.” 

This story brings so much joy to my heart, but it gets better. Your love and compassion set the stage for an even more wonderful miracle. 

Crystal was so excited about everything she found here at Gospel Rescue Mission–a safe place to sleep, care for her children, and support to help her find housing and work toward a more stable job–that she told her entire family about it. Now her mom, brother, and her sister are here with their families. Crystal’s boys have 5 cousins all staying here at Gospel Rescue Mission. Because of you, they are all working their programs to secure living-wage jobs and find affordable housing. 

Without you, they would all be homeless this Christmas. But because of your love, they are all receiving what they need to move from Homeless to Wholeness. 

Your support for GRM is helping hundreds upon hundreds of people every year. But between now and Christmas Day, another family like Crystal’s will turn to us in need. 

This is why I boldly ask you to use one or more of the enclosed vouchers to give a special Christmas gift today. Because the best gifts don’t come in a box. The best gifts reflect the heart of God–to redeem and restore the lost. As we prepare our hearts and homes for this time of year, we remember who He is and the wonderful gift He has given us, and what He calls us to do for others. 

By returning one or more of the vouchers, you’ll provide meals, shelter, dignity, restoration…whatever someone needs. But there’s even more good news…

We’ve received a tremendous Christmas Matching Challenge which will double the impact of any Christmas gift you give today, up to a total of $150,000! Your generosity will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Your compassion will go twice as far to touch someone’s life, right here in our community, in an amazing way. 

The Matching Challenge deadline is 12/31, so please don’t delay. 

Whatever you give, please get back to me quickly. Christmas is fast approaching. Thank you for opening your heart with Christlike compassion to those in need among us. I wish you a blessed Christmas! 

Thanking God for you,
Lisa Chastain
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. And your gift today is eligible for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit–up to $400 (filing single), or $800 (filing joint). This means your tax credit donation can transform lives!