Rainbow Connection

Rainbow, our new Creative and Marketing Coordinator, has a huge heart for our guests at Gospel Rescue Mission. For her, it’s easy to walk in their shoes, to understand where they’re coming from – because she’s been there.

“I was on and off drugs for much of my life. Mostly I used meth and heroin… marijuana and alcohol on occasion. I almost killed myself many times. I got Hepatitis C and got really sick. I even lost all my teeth!”

After completing GRM’s recovery program, Rainbow wanted to give back and returned as a volunteer. Today, she’s our new Creative and Marketing Coordinator!

Then her boyfriend, who is a graduate of our recovery program (and is now her husband), begged her to give Gospel Rescue Mission a try. It changed everything. 

“I’m 2 ½ years clean now and have no desire to go back. GRM’s program is amazing; the classes, the people, the interaction, the support team that you build, the sisterhood with the ladies, it’s incredible.”

Rainbow was so grateful for the help she received, (including a new set of teeth, thanks to one of our partners!) she soon returned after graduation to volunteer.

“The Mission gave me my life back and I wanted to give back to them! While I was volunteering one day, Pascal (our Creative Manager) told me they had a position open in graphic design.”

Rainbow applied and the rest is history.

“It’s my dream job! I help with the TV and radio commercials, the social media, internal graphics, signage, and more. It’s never a dull moment; no two days are the same!”

Today, God is using Rainbow’s past to connect with our guests, not only as a trusted friend and an inspiring example of true transformation, but as someone who knows where they’ve been and can help tell their story.

“I feel like I was made to do this job. I wake every day and ask myself if it’s real. It’s the best feeling!”