The Center of Opportunity Turns 2

This month is special, not only because it’s the second anniversary of the opening of the H.S. Lopez Family Foundation Center of Opportunity, but it also represents a new milestone for transformation in Tucson.

Our new Courtyard Building, generously donated by the H.S. Lopez Family Foundation, is complete and ready to change lives.

We focus on transforming mind, body, and soul. Located on the first floor of the new building is our Wellness Center, featuring a gym filled with workout equipment donated by the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain, and an exercise room. Here, our guests can work on their physical health, which will help with self-worth, confidence, and discipline.

But it’s not all physical. The first floor is also home to our new library, where guests can get an intellectual workout as well. It’s a quiet place where our guests can read, study, and reflect.

On the second floor is beautiful new office space for our valued community partners. This frees up casitas, allowing us to have more shelter beds.

Coming soon next to the Courtyard Building will be a newly landscaped outdoor living and respite space for our guests. This area will include covered seating, a secure playground, a prayer garden, and a vegetable garden to supplement the kitchen.

All of this represents a step forward on the road to self-sufficiency, a road that is paved with your generosity and faithful support.