Permanent Home

A Temporary Home

For 12 months, the women in our Recovery Program commit their lives to staying clean and sober and spend the year working through their addictions, traumas, and behaviors and learning tools to help them overcome. Those of you who read our Special June Letter learned that we recently entered into a 2-year lease with Teen Challenge (a faith-based recovery program) to occupy our Miracle Mile location during their time of expansion. This allowed us to move the women in recovery to the Center of Opportunity.

Over the past few weeks, we have spent a lot of time with the women, checking in to see how they are adjusting to their new temporary home. We heard comments like, “the atmosphere is positive and peaceful,” “I’m sleeping better and feeling more comfortable,” and “it’s clear that staff cares about us and are always willing to listen if there’s an issue.” What we heard from each of the women over and over again was the overwhelming love they felt at Gospel Rescue Mission. They seemed less concerned with their change of address and more intent on telling us their stories—where they were and where they are now because of your faithful support, God’s grace, and the love they experienced.

A Permanent Home

“50 Apartments Furnished!”

Our Donation Center has a goal of furnishing 100 apartments by the end of 2022, and they are on track to meet that goal with the generosity of your household donations!

Why is this such an important goal for us? 

We desire to see guests transition from homelessness to wholeness. While many shelters offer a safe place to sleep, we want to see people restored. But moving into a home after being homeless is challenging and expensive. This is just one way we can continue to show people love, grace, dignity, and respect as they move into living independently.

Though a new home is fantastic, there will not be long-term success if we don’t address the issues behind poverty and homelessness. So while we serve those in need, our goal is to provide services that stabilize and lead to whole life transformation. Then and only then can a person be truly successful.