Thanksgiving Blessings to Go – A HUGE SUCCESS!

Early Wednesday morning, a line of cars stretched out of the Center of Opportunity. At one point during the event it was nearly a mile long! With hundreds waiting for hope, we couldn’t wait, so we got things started forty-five minutes early.

“Due to the pandemic, it’s a stressful time. It’s caused lots of hardship,” says Alfred on his way through the line. “It was a blessing that we could come here and receive help!”

Thomas was amazed: “I cannot believe what you are doing for everybody. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you very much!”

All in all, your support provided 2,200 meals! That wasn’t all…

  • 950 stuffed animals were handed out to kids
  • Nearly 500 resource boxes, filled with non-perishable food, and hygiene items, were handed out to families
  • As an added bonus, whole pies were given to each vehicle

Even more importantly, each car was invited to stop for prayer. We offered food for the hungry and food for the soul, offering them hope in Christ. Nearly 80% of the vehicles opted to stop for prayer.

“I’d really like to thank the Gospel Rescue Mission for this effort that they’re putting on for Thanksgiving,” says Randy. “It’s a wonderful program that helps a lot of people and it’s greatly appreciated. If anyone needs anything, here are the people that will help you.”

That thanks goes to you. Together, we proved time and again that compassion is stronger than any virus!