COVID Can’t Stop Hope

Thanksgiving Day… Who’ll be at your home — at your table?

Familiar faces, I imagine. Probably people close to your heart.

Some people in our community have a home and a table, but are struggling to put food on it. Others don’t even have a table.

We want to be here for all of them. As we have been for over three decades.

And we will be. Desipte COVID. With your help.

I know you have a great heart for people in need, here in Tucson. I’ve seen it. Your generosity tells me how compassionate you are.

So today, I simply ask you to help us welcome the hungry, the homeless, the hurting, the lost ones of our community … by giving a special Thanksgiving gift.

Every $3.02 you give right now will help provide a meal to someone in need. Our “Thanksgiving Blessings to Go” drive-thru event will be COVID-safe, and allow us to serve families and individuals, from children to seniors.

I just don’t want to turn anyone away. There’s no way to know how many will come to us, but with your help today, we’ll be ready.

  • Ready to help John. He’s a veteran who’s fallen on hard times. He’s living in a kind of camp, with some other homeless people. But he’s come to us for meals. I think he’ll be with us for Thanksgiving, too.
  • Ready to help Diane — devastated by the deaths of her husband, her parents, and several other loved ones in rapid succession … struggling with drugs as she tries to numb the pain. Here for Thanksgiving.
  • Ready to help Hank. Despite pounding the pavement for months, COVID has kept employment out of reach. Funds are tight. He and his wife will be here for Thanksgiving.

And each meal will open the door for someone to start life over, through the proven-effective, Christ-centered programs and services available here at our Center of Opportunity.

Here’s what your gift today will set in motion

We’ll prepare meals for families to heat up at home — they’ll “drive through” from 11:00am to 2:00pm on Wednesday, November 25th – to receive our Thanksgiving blessings, to go!

And YOU? You’ll be able to experience it all yourself — because we’ll livestream the first half-hour of the event. You’ll see your generosity in action!

But it has to start here, today, with your generous gift of compassion.

Maybe you already gave to help us provide Thanksgiving meals. If so, thank you. But please prayerfully consider giving again … because the need is great. If you haven’t given yet, please take a moment to send your gift now.

Think about the impact you can make on the lives of Tucsonans. At just $3.02 per meal, you could give $90.60 and feed 30 hungry people. Or give $60.40 and feed 20 hungry people. If you give $45.30 today, you’ll feed 15 people this Thanksgiving.

Or maybe you can give $151, to feed 50 people, or even $302, to feed 100. Whatever you give today, you will be a blessing. We expect THOUSANDS to turn to us for help this Thanksgiving. So your generosity … your response of compassion today … will make a difference.

We have to be ready. I’ve resolved: NO ONE GETS TURNED AWAY.

So please let me hear from you quickly. And as you decide what to give, remember that the Arizona Tax Credit lets you donate essentially for FREE: Give up to $400 if you file singly, or $800 filing jointly, and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit — not a deduction — on your 2020 taxes.

Thanking God for you,
Lisa Chastain

P.S. Thanksgiving Blessings to Go will be more than just food, more than just a lovely holiday meal … It will be God’s love, expressed in real life. Thank you again!